Minneapolis Urban League’s President Talks Trauma

Steven Belton, President and CEO of the Minneapolis Urban League, shares his concern about compound trauma on the black community in a commentary article in the Star Tribune. “Still, the cumulative effect of chronic trauma is debilitating to families, neighborhoods, communities and the ecosystems that support them.”


A Dream Job as a Park Keeper

Guenther Boone, a father of four, always loved the outdoors and longed to be a park keeper. As he struggled to make a family-sustaining wage, Guenther’s mother-in-law referred him to Minneapolis Urban League’s (MUL) partnership with the Minneapolis Park Board and suggested he reach out to learn more. After meeting with MUL staff about the […]


Stephanie Achieves Her Home Ownership Dream

Stephanie always dreamed of owning a home, but nothing about her situation gave her hope that her dream would ever become a reality. Homeless and living with a relative, Stephanie had immediate worries. She wanted to be independent and she needed to convince a landlord to take a chance on her despite her credit history. Minneapolis Urban […]


A Couple Makes Their Potential a Reality

A.J. Farrow was not new to the Minneapolis Urban League (MUL) when he suggested that Jacqueline enroll in the MUL’s Big Step program. A.J. graduated from Big Step (a MUL program) in 2013, having completed specialized training at the Laborer’s Training Center in Lino Lakes, MN. As a result of his hard work and determination, A.J. […]


A Better Life Built through the Big Step Program

Marcus Foster relocated to Minnesota from Marks, Mississippi. When he arrived at the doors of the Minneapolis Urban League (MUL), he was not at a good place in his life. He was sleeping in his car on and off, had no particular job skills, and when he could find work, his pay was barely above […]

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